Lost in cynicism


Okay tumblr people

Specifically those on the “i+love+asians” tag. 

What you’re doing is fucking traumatic and triggering for all of us. Let me reiterate-you’re being dicks. To demonstrate, if you’re saying shit like-

Let’s face it,

the twins,

they looked like asians when they were younger.

koreans the most.

well korea is still a part of asia.




yeaaaah they looked like asains…



herro i’m luke    


 herro i’m jai

Thus making fun of supposedly “Asian accents” (would you like it if I posted a long lengthy post about how funny non-Asians sound like when they’re trying to speak in whatever Asian language at the moment oh and by the way Korea is a part of Asia you dumbass) or this

Some Asian’s mouths are open more than their eyes.


Thus making fun of our supposedly “small” eyes, and btw the above sentence doesn’t even make sense, unless your eyes are about the size of your fist it applies to everyone on the planet (oh and would you like it if I posted a sarcastic post about, say, how funny people from other races look like) or

So i have always loved everything Asian. Dramas,movies,people,clothes etc, but i have now just listened to a k-pop song…n now i am fully indulged in Asianess! 

No, that isn’t everything Asian, k-pop doesn’t make you Asian, having Asian heritage does, whoever fucking told you that listening to k-pop makes you Asian? I listen to a lot of nightwish, does that make me Nordic? Hell no. 

when i meet an asian…

me: Oh, your asian?!

them: yea?





me: my body is ready. right now, right here, IDGAF!


Me: *when i see a stunning Asian girl* I will be your John Lennon and you can be my Yoko Ono

Shit like this because just because we’re Asian doesn’t necessarily mean that we want to sleep with you, then you’re doing something fucking racist. 

We’re not animals in a zoo. We’re people. As an Asian I’m telling you to stop doing these stuff. Look, it’s great that you’re attracted to an Asian person. The thing is, are you attracted to them because you like their personality, the way they make you laugh, the way they look when they are focused on whatever sports that they like playing, the way they sometimes won’t open up to everyone else but you, and the way they like you so much that they share a prized computer game with you, or are you attracted solely because they’re Asian, no matter what personality they have? 

Because if it’s the latter, well then-you have a problem. People are not commodities. They don’t come from the same factory bearing the same tag and the same gift-wrapped box on them. People don’t do that. At least in real life. You’re basically not treating them as human but as pieces of commodity from this shared Exotic Asian Fantasy you have, and that’s degrading for Asians, because again, you’re not treating us as human. Asians have a variety of features and skin colors and cultures. We’re not homogeneous. 

And in the same vein, we’re not your fuck toys. Stop venting your desire to fuck one or more of us. It’s creepy. It’s creepy as hell and inappropriate-please when you’re sleeping with somebody, please don’t do it just because they come in a particular skin color and/or facial feature. 

Please just clean up this tag.